Stories, fairytales, poems, pictures and wisdom from all over the world have been important for centuries in understanding human existance and development.

Story of the eighteenth camel

I changed the original story a bit:
A Vizier had 3 sons. After his death he left his 17 camels to the sons with his last will: the oldest son should get one half of the camels, the second son one third of the camels, the youngest son one nineth of the camels. The sons asked all the mathm in the world. Nobody could love the problem. And then the asked a wise man.
What is the answer in wisdom? wisdom answers: I don't know either. But a wise man acts and he said: I possess only one camel, but this I can give to you, this will help to divide.
Now to the 17 cames was put an 18. camel and now they could divide: the first son got half of 18, means 9 camels, the second son got one third of 18, means 6 camels, the youngest son got one nineth of the camels, means 2 camels. And now the counted: 9 plus 6 plus 2 = 17 and they were able to give the 18. camel back to the wise man.
In this story the 18. camel was only necessary to divide the rest, what means it was only standing next to the 17 camels, it was never part of the group. I name the homeopathic remedy the 18. camel. It is only necessary to go one step further in live, it serves the restoration of health (§ 2 Organon of medicine of Samuel Hahnemann) and is only a tool for the path to cure of the patient.